Kars4Kids is a nationwide service, ensuring that old cars are recycled and not gone to waste. When your car has reached its last gasping breath, instead of getting a few hundred dollars for junking it, you can give back by ensuring the education of future generations. Your car will go on to fund programs like chillzone, an after-school program teaching Jewish culture and moral values.


“I want to tell you how much you have helped us this year. In the beginning of the school year, i was very sick and on bed rest. My daughters were doing there best to cope with the situation but I knew it was very hard on them not to have me around so much. Having chillzone in their lives has made such a difference. They felt that they had an outlet and a place for them to go that was their own and they could really unwind and be a kid. It was an escape from the situation at home.”

“Just wanted to let u know how much chillzone has already enhanced our community just in the past 3 weeks (Virginia chillzone)”

“I am the mother of one of the girl’s who attends chill zone in the Upper West Side on Sat nights. I just wanted to thank you for the program, It is the highlight of my daughter’s week. She also looks up to the group leaders who are such wonderful role models! She has introduced a couple of friends to the program and they are enamored as well.”